Brewery Rental Information

We are not privately renting the brewery at this time. The information below is purely for future rentals once we start again, many details will probably change.

We would love to book a party, what is the best way to get a hold of you?

Email us at or call us at 361.693.5347(KEGS)

What days and times are available to rent the brewery?

Monday – Wednesday:
The front indoor area of the brewery is already open from 5-9 pm. However, we can rent out the inside taproom for business meetings during the day up until 5 pm.

Thursday & Friday:
We do not rent out the brewery for private events on Thursdays & Fridays. Side room is available for Squadron & military parties upon request.

We can rent from Noon to 3 pm, front and back of the brewery. We do not rent privately after 3 pm as we open to the public at 3 pm.

This is the only day available to rent the entire brewery at anytime, front and back which allows us to accommodate larger parties. Available from Noon to Midnight.

Can we bring in food, cakes, etc?

Yes, you are able to bring in outside food and cakes. No outside beverages or alcohol may be brought in.  We have non-alcoholic drinks (water, tea, soda, juice boxes, etc.) for sale in the taproom to accommodate those who do not drink beer. We have worked with many caterers in the past. If you plan to get your party catered you must let us know ahead of time.

My Wife/Husband/Parent does not drink beer, do you have wine available?

Yes, we have many different Texas wines available. We also serve our Hard Kombucha.

What is the Cost to rent the brewery?

We charge $150/hr plus drinks to rent the brewery. You will receive $50 in beer tokens for each hour that you rent the brewery. You may choose to use those tokens for your guests at your event or go cash bar and keep them for yourself! Tokens can be saved for future use.

How much are your drinks? 

Our beer is $5.00 a pint, with a few premium beers that are $5.00 for 10oz. The Texas Wines start at $5 a glass.

You don’t serve liquor, can we bring in a bottle?

No. Outside alcohol MAY NOT be brought in. No outside beverages of any kind may be brought in. Please leave your tumblers at home.

What types of parties have you had before?

Birthdays (kids and adults), Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Business Parties, Christmas parties, because its Sunday parties, Wedding Receptions. All sorts.

Do you allow kids?

Yes, we are kid friendly for the majority of the hours we are open. We do have a kid curfew each night at 8 pm. We ask that no kids under the age of 13 be at the brewery after 8 pm. While we love being a family-friendly place to chill, we must also respect those who want a kid-free experience.

Do you allow pets?

No. Service animals only.

Can we bring a pinata or bounce house?

Yes, just let us know ahead of time.

Can we decorate the brewery?

Yes as long as there is no permanent damage. We will arrive 30 minutes before the party to start setting everything up. You may come during this time to decorate. If you need more than 30 minutes then please add it to your rental time.

This did not answer my question, can I…

Shoot us an email and we will be happy to help.