1. It turns out we are able to do 2bbl/62gallon batches on the current setup. That along with 11 gallons of starter to build a yeast vial up, gives us around 73 gallons per batch. Thus the fermenters became oversized single fermenters.

  1. Hello
    Glad to see you have those fermenters. I’m going to use them in my nano in southern ca.
    Can you let us know how you do your blowoff and also the drain at the bottom?
    thank you

    1. Bryan,

      They do not have a completely airtight seal around the lid so we simply put a stopper in the top center of the lid where the vent originally is.

      For the bottom we added a 2″ male pipe thread to 1.5″ TC, then go from there.

      When you order them have the tank provider put an extra fitting in the cone for a pickup tube. I wish we would have done that.


      Lazy Beach Brewing

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