When is the taproom open?

Mon-Wed 5-9pm
Thurs-Friday: 5-11pm
Sat: 3-11pm
Sun: Reservations only

Do you offer tours?

No official tours but brewers are known to be in the taproom and give impromptu tours.

Where can I get your beer and hard kombucha?

The taproom is always the best choice. The freshest and a large selection is only available in the Taproom. It is always best drink straight from the source, right?
You can also get our beers is a large variety of places in the surrounding area.

Can I serve your beer and hard kombucha at my establishment?

We would love to! Email Stephen and BJ at sales@lazybeachbrewing.com and they will be in contact with you.

Do you bottle or can your beers?

Not yet, its in the plans (and has been a long time so don’t hold your breath).

Do you fill growlers?

Yes. We fill growlers of all our beers in the taproom (with a few exceptions). We have the standard 64oz growlers as well as a smaller 32oz. If you already have a growler bring it to fill, it doesn’t have to be a growler from us.
A growler is a container for filling beer from the taps and taking it to go.

Can I buy a keg directly from you?

Yes, we try to keep a large selection available to keep your kegerator stocked. The kegs available are 5 Gallons in size and vary in price. Chat with us in the taproom about availability and pricing.

Do you have live music?

Yes, every Friday we have live music with a focus on original music. We also have live music during most events.

Do you serve food?

We have at least 1 food truck on site Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Can I bring in Food?

Yes, even if we have a food truck on site you are welcome to bring in outside food.

Can I bring in outside Beverages?

No, with the exception of drinks for the kids in a kids cup.

Do you host private events?

We have hosted a wide range of events from baby and bridal showers to birthdays, weddings and retirements. See more information on the brewery rental page.

Are you pet friendly?

We do love pets, but not at the brewery. We only allow registered service animals with appropriate vest or papers.

Are you kid friendly?

We try to be as family friendly as possible, as most of us have kids as well. Essentially we are friendly to all friendly children. We do have a kid curfew at 8pm when all kids under 13 must leave as they need to go to sleep and become little monsters. After 8pm for kids is like after 1am for adults, nothing good happens. We allow kids to bring in some toys, but will not allow others. Books are great! Footballs, scooter and other similar items are for other occasions.
We will ask the family of unruly children to leave.

Are you Hiring?

Probably not, we have a great team. But the only way to find out is to check in at the taproom. We like to hire people we know.

Are you showing “the game”?

No, we don’t even have any TVs! You have to talk to people here, its why you went out with them anyways. We have a collection of board games if you cant handle just talking to your friends. And the detox from advertisement is good for you.

Will you make a donation to my organization?

See donations

How should I dress when visiting the Taproom?

Flip flops and casual clothing. Suits and ties are discouraged. #workhardplayharder