Lazy Beach Cafe

Our Cafe is now Open!

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We are excited to announce the opening of our very own cafe! Currently featuring a collection of wonderful sandwiches paired with our different beers. Come relax with us for a sandwich and a pint.

Saturday and Sunday Brunch 11am-2pm

Join us for a lazy Sunday morning and our custom brunch menu.

Our Taproom is Open Again!

Open Wed-Fri 5-10pm, Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday 11am-2pm

For patio seating and curbside.

Patio Seating

The taproom is open and we have spread out our patio seating to be socially distanced. Enjoy a few pints while relaxing.

Table Side Service

Skip the bar line and now enjoy table side service. Be lazy.

14 Beers on Tap

15 Different Beer and Hard Kombucha on Tap

Plus a new flavor every week!

Grab some togo

We can fill any of our beers or kombuchas in a togo container such as a can crowler or a glass growler.

Curbside Pickup

To ensure freshness everything is filled at ordering. So please give us a few minutes to get them prepared.

Steps to Get a Beer

  1. Place your order online.
  2. We will fill the cans or growlers and have them ready for pickup in about 15 minutes.
  3. Drive up, and give us a call at 361.693.5347(KEGS). (The front door will be closed)
  4. We will bring out your beverages and wish you a safe and lazy day.
  5. Go forth and start feeling lazy.

Current Taproom Menu

1. Coastal Haze
4.8% ABV Hazy IPA - A Coastal haze, dangerous for boaters but great for the hazy IPA lover.
2. Amber Waves
4.6% ABV Amber Ale - The color of your energy, brewed with caramel malty flavor and a hint of roastiness.
3. Corpus Christi Blonde
5.4% ABV Blonde - Find out if Blondes really do have more fun with this all American, easy drinking, light beer.
4. Texas Bock
4.3% ABV Bock - The pride of the Big Kabrewna, a rich, malty delight to cheers with friends
5. cHoppy Waters
8.4% ABV DIPA - Hold on to your hats, we see big waves in the form of a Double IPA brewed with Centennial & Ekuanot hops.
6. Megalodon
9.7% ABV Strong Ale - Historically inspired by George Washington's molasses brew
7. Papaya Pucker
5% ABV Sour Ale - Pucker up for this papaya sour ale.
8. Origin VII
7.5% ABV Baltic Porter - The newest in our origin series, this bourbon oak porter packs in the flavor with rich malts and a smoked oak finish
9. Tangible Haze
4.8% ABV Hazy IPA - Taking what we love about our Coastal Haze and adding tangelo (a tangerine & pomelo hybrid)
10. Pom Pom Tropical
8.4% ABV DIPA - A vibrant tropical DIPA drowning in pure pomegranate.
11. 1799 Stout
5.2% ABV Stout - Just in time for St. Paddy's Day, a classic dry Irish stout
12. Molinillo
5.2% ABV Mexican Hot Chocolate Milk Stout - Named after the wooden whisk used to stir hot chocolate in Mexico this dark delight is brewed using lactose sugar, Ancho chilis, cacao nibs, cinnamon, vanilla, and just a dash of cayenne. Dale!
13. Kappuccino
4.5% ABV Hard Kombucha - Coffee aroma upfront, tangy kombucha brewed with Driftwood Coffee and a tiramisu finish
14. Korchata
4% ABV Hard Kombucha - Cinnamon, Vanilla and marigold make this an Aztec Horchata.
15. Banana-nana Booch Booch
4.5% ABV Kombucha - Brewed with 5 lbs of locally sourced bananas, with subtle hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla
15. Summer Breeze
5.5% ABV Hard Kombucha - A sweet and refreshing blend of hibiscus, rose, and ginger will have you feeling fine

*This menu is dynamically updated when we update our menu.