We love to make new things. In fact we have made at least one new beer release every week at the taproom since it opened on June 6th 2015. We have a core lineup that satisfies most taste buds but for the adventurous type we always have something new, fun or unique on our 20 taps.

The list in the footer of the page is auto-magically updated anytime the menu in the taproom is changed, so it stays current, unlike this content.

Mile Markers – Our Core Lineup

Low Tide

It seems like every summer is hotter than the last (maybe we are just getting older..) but we wanted something even lighter than the Corpus Christi Blonde. Something easy to drink during a round of disc golf, or while out fishing.

4.6% ABV – 11 IBU

Corpus Christi Blonde

This beer began its life as a slightly hoppy American Amber and went on a roller coaster of flavors before settling in. Each time we brewed it it would change based on the most common feedback left on comment cards in the taproom. It went pale and bitter then dark, but finally after 20 versions it settled in as a rich malty blonde ale.5.4% ABV – 15 IBU

Texas Bock

Old faithful, this Texas style bock has smooth malty goodness written all over it. It is not as dark, heavy or boozy as a traditional German style bock making it much more enjoyable in Corpus Christi’s heat.4.3% ABV – 15 IBU

Choppy Waters

Getting its name from the choppy surf so commonly found here, this double IPA has a nice malty richness to complement the generous hop additions. Hopped with Cascade and Ekuanot hops.
8.4% ABV – 80 IBU


Inpsired by the loggerhead sea turtle, this lager is crisp and perfectly unhurried.
4.7% ABV – 14 IBU

Yearly Releases

Lazy Beach Kook


The refreshing result of lots of freshly juiced cucumbers combined with a Belgian saison style beer. Usually released late summer since 2015.
5.4% ABV – 8 IBU – hundreds of cucumbers

Lovers in the Surf

Milk chocolate and cherry cuddle up together in this indulgent golden stout.
Released yearly for valentines day since 2015

Lovers in the Surf
Taco Bout Wit

Taco Bout Wit

Belgian-style Wit with jalapenos and tomatillos. A one of a kind, heart warming favorite.
Released sometime in summer since 2018

Beach in Wheat

A summer favorite Bavarian style hefeweizen. Wonderfully refreshing with its lemon and banana forward aromatics.
relased sometime in summer since 2015


Usually made to kick off Oktoberfest season. This incredibly caramel-malty brew satisfies all malt heads. Don’t miss the yearly pumpkin version of this beer as well!
6.4% ABV – 22 IBU

Marianas Trench

Alright fine, this one has not come out every year so far… but it has come about most years and we should change that to make sure it comes out every year. Not only is it Cory’s favorite beer but it is a taproom favorite by many. This imperial chocolate stout has a hint of mint.
9.5% ABV

Taproom Only

At the bottom of this (and all) page is a always auto-magically updated list of the taproom beers.

In 2018 we put out 48 different beers and 21 different hard kombuchas. See the full list here
Currently we are feeling lazy and have not compiled 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2017, 2016 or 2015. Maybe one day we will get around to it.

Historical Items

This is not every beer released but some of the more prominent ones.

Summer Breeze Hard Kombucha

We discontinued kombucha production in 2022. Perhaps one day it will come back.

Tart, sour and slightly sweet, this refreshing alcoholic kombucha is surprisingly uplifting. Sip your way to the perfect lazy afternoon as your taste buds call you back for another sip and your mind wanders.
Fun fact: We are the first brewery in Texas to make a hard kombucha!
4% ABV

Amber Waves

Brewed with caramel malty flavor and a hint of roastiness.
Discontinued in 2024
4.60% ABV – 20 IBU

Islander Waves

We teamed up with Texas A&M Corpus Christi Athletics department and created this refreshing Kolsch style beer. A percentage of its sales went towards scholarships for TAMUCC athletics students.
Discontinued in 2023
4.4% ABV

First Production Brewery in Corpus Christi – Check
First Hard Kombucha Brewery in Texas – Check
First ?? in the Nation (just kidding we are too lazy)