We get a lot of requests for Donations. Here some requirements we have for a donation.

  1. Must be located in the Corpus Christi area.
  2. Must be an official organization. We do not require 501(c)(3) tax status but we will not donate to a single person raising money for their XX that had XX happen to them.
  3. We will not sponsor your child’s sports team.
  4. We will not donate beer to a for-profit event.
  5. Alcohol cannot be legally resold once donated (yes, a required donation is a form of selling).
  6. The odds of you getting a cash donation are almost zero. But we do buy donation items (Food drives, etc).
  7. You have to come pickup the donated items. We are already doing you a favor by supplying them.
  8. We have to agree with your cause, and we get to be picky. Our budget is pretty small after all.

We know you think giving our beer away is a great way to get us more publicity. We have enough publicity go bug someone else for free stuff.

If you still feel your cause meets our requests and is a worthy donation please send your request to Cory at