Food and Food Trucks

The Covid lock down was very hard on a lot of small businesses (ours included) but it was devastating to the Food Truck community. Quite a few of the trucks that used to visit us are now gone.

Like most breweries and bars during covid we had to serve food to be open. Even more odd, the food must be owned by the brewery so having a food truck would not allow us to reopen. So.. we added a cafe.

Lazy Cafe

We now offer all kinds of wonderful sandwiches. Cory’s favorite the Mo’ Cubano as well as favorites such as the Italian, Grilled Cheese or Mahi Tacos. See the full menu

What does the cafe mean for food trucks at the brewery?

While we won’t have a food truck every day like we did in the past we will still be doing events and other activities with them, they have been a part of our brewery since we opened the taproom and they will continue to be as we go forward.