Brew Crew

Meet our production Brew Crew! This group of hooligans comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and each one brings unique insights and talents to the table. We’re pretty fond of them. If you see us around the taproom, please don’t be shy, we love chatting it up!



Mr. Lazy Beach

Usually found near the flowing beer taps, Cory got his B.S. degree from Texas A&M Corpus Christi in Computer Science. Then threw it all away so he and Jess could start the brewery. He got his start in the brewing world along side the Big Kabrewna as two average home brewers. Over the years his job has changed, now no one knows what he really does around here on an average day.



Mrs. Lazy Beach

Jess got her B.A. degree from Texas A&M Corpus Christi in Theater and taught middle school before starting the brewery. Now she saves the rest of us from having to handle all the social media among other odd jobs. You can find Jess partaking in the fun activities planned at the brewery and wrangling the little Beaches.



The Big Kabrewna

The father of our Texas Bock and so many more beers. With over ten years of brewing experience under his belt, and his passion for catching waves his title came naturally. Don’t be fooled, even when Drew is sweating to death on a brew day he’s always willing to answer beer questions or discuss the intricacies of Star Wars and cinema.



CTO – Chief Taproom Officer

Born in the USA but raised in Malaysia, Sarah moved all over the World before ending up at our humble brewery. Always our best volunteer, Sarah finally wore us down and found her place among our ranks. At any given moment you’ll find her doing literally all the things but always with a smile. She’s our go-to lady when things need to get done, answered, or scheduled.


A Navy veteran turned Brewer. Joining the team when she moved here from Virginia. She can be found all over the brewery doing everything that is needed from arguing with the canning machine to putting her passion into a new recipe.



The Kitchen is her SpeciALty.