Food and Food Trucks

The Covid lock down was very hard on a lot of small businesses (ours included) but it was devastating to the Food Truck community. Quite a few of the trucks that used to visit us are now gone. So make sure to support your favorite ones any time you see them around town! With that said there may not be a food truck at the brewery every night like in the past but we hope to have them as often as possible.

Lazy Cafe

As many of you know for a bar to open before October 15th it had to setup a restaurant that serves food. We were pretty far into that process when bars were suddenly allowed to reopen. So expect a grand opening of our Cafe in the next few weeks.

What does the cafe mean for food trucks at the brewery?

While we won’t have a food truck every day like we did in the past we will still be doing events and other activities with them, they have been a part of our brewery since we opened the taproom and so they will continue to be as we go forward.

Below are/were some of our regular food trucks.