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1. Gusty Haze IPA
4.8% ABV IPA - Layered with pleasant aromas of fruits including melon, tropical fruits, and a unique strawberry this 30 IBU IPA packs a nice bitter punch behind its hazy exterior. Brewed with winner of 12 days of Christmas, Gracie
2. Amber Waves
4.6% ABV Amber Ale - The color of your energy, brewed with caramel malty flavor and a hint of roastiness.
3. Corpus Christi Blonde
5.4% ABV Blonde - Find out if Blondes really do have more fun with this all American, easy drinking, light beer.
4. Texas Bock
4.3% ABV Bock - The pride of the Big Kabrewna, a rich, malty delight to cheers with friends
5. Choppy Waters
8.4% ABV DIPA - Hold on to your hats, we see big waves in the form of a Double IPA brewed with Centennial & Ekuanot hops.
6. Lovers in the Surf
6.1% ABV Golden Stout - Cherry and chocolate cuddle up together in this creamy golden stout.
7. Liquid Bread
7% ABV Doppelbock - Double the flavor and double the punch with this malty, food-friendly beer pairing, boasting notes of toasted bread.
8. Oatmeal Stout
5.7% ABV Stout - velvety smooth with dark chocolate undertones
9. Surf Set Pale Ale
5.7% ABV Pale Ale - Approachable and hop-forward, packed with flavor, but not too heavy. Pairs perfectly with 20* temperature swings.
10. Islander Waves
4.6% ABV Kolsch - This light crisp ale is made for the Island life! Proceeds benefit TAMUCC athletics scholarships.
11. Puebla Poblano
4.9% ABV Lager - A punch of flavor with this refreshing spiced brew! Pair the full-bodied poblano kick with our Pork Poblano tacos.
12. Beach in wHeat
4.3% ABV Hefeweizen - Beat the heat with this rich wheat beer. Bavarian Hefeweizen lends fresh banana notes.
13. Treasure Chest
4.6% ABV Hard Kombucha - With a Mojito in mind, this pineapple and mint Hard Kombucha makes you want to look for buried treasure with Captain Jack. Drink some by itself or it's ready to YO, HO, GO with a Bottle of Rum!
14. Sun is Shinin'
4.7% ABV Hard Kombucha - The weather is sweet. Hard Kombucha with a citrus back bone that will make you move your dancing feet.
15. Summer Breeze
5% ABV Hard Kombucha - A sweet and refreshing blend of hibiscus, rose, and ginger will have you feeling fine
17. Molinillo
5.5% ABV Mexican Hot Chocolate Milk Stout - Named after the wooden whisk used to stir hot chocolate in Mexico this dark delight is brewed using lactose sugar, Ancho chilis, cacao nibs, cinnamon, vanilla, and just a dash of cayenne. Dale!
18. Hard Seltzer
5% ABV Hard Seltzer - Refreshingly light, this hard seltzer is our first ever! Prepared in a delightful variety of flavors. Ask Marcela for her go-to!
19. Sparkling Water
0% ABV Lazy Beach - House-made filtered, delicious. We got Lazy . Guess we better make more beer.

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