Putting and Pints

Every Wednesday from 5:30-9pm Canceled for now. We hope to start it back up in the future.

We start off with a “warm up” round of the classic 10′, 20′, 30′ in both wind directions, then a 15′ and 30′ cross wind putt. Each scoring 1 point. Then we move to 4 rounds of trick shots of all kinds of varieties changing every week. The above pictures show some of the ones we have done in the past. Skip shots, 4 way keg mandos, stacks of kegs, pallet slot mando, etc.

Bringing 3+ putters is recommended. Some weeks work like mini’s with a $5-$8 buy in with 1 to 3 payouts depending on number of players. Some weeks we just play for fun.

After the “official” round, some players stick around to try more trick shots, as well as a second round usually sometime around 8:30ish.

skip shot putt
4 way mando putt
Double 4 way Mando Putt
skip shot putt
pallet shot putt