Beer and Hard Kombucha’s

We love to make new things. In fact we have made at least one new beer every week at the Lazy Beach Taproom since it opened on June 6th 2015. See the full list of beers released in 2018. We have a core lineup that satisfies most taste buds but for the adventurous type we usually have something fun and unique on our 14 taps.

The list on the sidebar of the website is auto-magically updated anytime the menu in the taproom is changed.

Core Beers

Lazy Beach Lineup - Texas Bock, Hard Kombucha, cHoppy Waters, Blonde, Corpus Christi, Session IPA
Core Lineup of 6 Beers and Hard Kombucha

Corpus Christi

This beer began its life as a slightly hoppy American Amber and went on a roller coaster of flavors before settling in. Each time we brewed it it would change based on the most common feedback left on comment cards in the taproom. It went pale and bitter then dark, but finally after 20 versions it settled in as a rich and malty blonde ale.
5.3% ABV – 20 IBU


Light and refreshing, this blonde ale is made for the one hot season of Corpus Christi. Perfect for active lounging, lazy afternoons, eating tacos, mowing the lawn, swimming in the surf or wherever the day may take you.
4.7% ABV – 22 IBU

Choppy Waters

Getting its name from the choppy surf so commonly found here, this double IPA has a nice malty richness to complement the generous hop additions. Hopped with Cascade and Ekuanot hops.
8.4% ABV – 80 IBU

Texas Bock

Old faithful, this Texas style bock has smooth malty goodness written all over it. It is not as dark, heavy or boozy as a traditional German style bock making it much more enjoyable in Corpus Christi’s heat.
4.4% ABV – 15 IBU

Hard Kombucha

Tart, sour and slightly sweet, this refreshing alcoholic kombucha is 5.5% ABV and surprisingly uplifting. Sip your way to the perfect lazy afternoon as your taste buds call you back for another sip and your mind wanders.
Fun fact: We are the first brewery in Texas to make a hard kombucha!
5.5% ABV

Session IPA

Late kettle additions of American hops (Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo, Chinook) and a generous addition of dry hops gives this Session IPA a smooth bitterness, amazing aroma and and delicious flavor without all the pallet fatigue of bigger IPAs.
4.8% ABV – 55 IBU

Beach in Wheat

A full bodied Bavarian style wheat beer that is the perfect companion to a day at the beach.
4.5% ABV – 13 IBU

Taproom Only

The list on the sidebar of the website is auto-magically updated anytime the menu in the taproom is changed.

In 2018 we put out 48 different beers and 21 different hard kombuchas. See the full list here
Currently too lazy to compile 2017, 2016 and 2015. Maybe one day.

Taproom Seasonals:

In addition to our one a week new releases we have quite a few beers that we like to do every year. Below are some of them:

  1. Poblano Wit – for May 5th Cinco de Mayo
  2. 1799 Stout – for St. Patricks Day
  3. Diwali – For Diwali Festival usually in Oct or Nov
  4. Lovers in the Surf – Valentines Day
  5. Kook – Usually during May or June.
  6. Hermits Lair – “safe” stout of the winter.
  7. Summer Stout – mid summer
  8. Pumpkin – When the uggs come out.
  9. Taco Bout Wit – September
  10. Oktoberfest – Duh.
  11. Pretty in Pink Hard Kombucha – October for breast cancer awareness.

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