Applying for EIN Number

Applying for the EIN Number was painless and didn’t take to long, it was just a long list of questions. Here are most of them.

  1. Number of Members
  2. State Filed in
  3. Are the members husband and wife?
  4. Under Revenue Procedure 2002-69, you have the option of treating the LLC as a
    multi-member LLC or as a single-member LLC. Please choose one of the following: (We elect to be classified as a multi-member LLC., We elect to be classified as a single-member LLC.)
  5. The responsible party of the LLC can be either an individual OR an existing business. Please choose one: (Individual, Existing business)
  6. Takes information of Responsible Party
  7. Where is the LLC physically located?
  8. Legal name of LLC (must match articles of organization, if filed)*
  9. Trade name/Doing business as (only if different from legal name)
  10. County where LLC is located*
  11. State/Territory where LLC is located*
  12. State/Territory where articles of organization are (or will be) filed* State/Territory where articles are (or will be) filed
  13. LLC start date* LLC start date – month
  14. LLC start date – year
  15. Does your business own a highway motor vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more?*
  16. Does your business involve gambling/wagering?*
  17. Does your business need to file Form 720 (Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return)?
  18. Does your business sell or manufacture alcohol, tobacco, or firearms?*
  19. Do you have, or do you expect to have, any employees who will receive Forms W-2 in the next 12 months?* (Forms W-2 require additional filings with the IRS.)
  20. What does your business or organization do?
  21. Choose one category that best describes your business. Click the underlined links for additional examples for each category….
  22. (You have chosen Manufacturing.) Please specify the type of goods that you manufacture and the primary materials used (such as “wood furniture”): (Ale)

Not much thinking involved, just have to do it.