Corpus Christi’s First Micro Brewery, Now Open

PRESS RELEASE: Corpus Christi’s First Micro Brewery, Lazy Beach Brewing, Now Open

Contact: Cory Mathews –

Corpus Christi, Texas – June 3, 2014. Corpus Christi’s first micro brewery, Lazy Beach Brewing, is having it’s first pint of craft beer served to the city of Corpus Christi this weekend.

“We love beer, and always end up at a small, local brewery when we travel. Why not have one in Corpus?” Said Cory Mathews, part of the husband and wife team behind the brewery. “There are a lot of people in Corpus who love craft beer, we can see that from the many places in town starting to carry a more diverse, and flavorful, beer selection”.

Lazy Beach Brewing’s first beer to be released is the Lazy Beach Blonde. Light golden in color, with a balanced blend of malt and hops make it a perfect session beer for the hot weather upon us.

Join Lazy Beach Brewing at Cassidy’s Irish Pub, Friday June 6th for a pint of delicious, locally brewed beer.