Hello December

We have quite a few events to enjoy this week. But first…

This weeks new beer: Smoking Bishop

This is our version of a mulled wine but in beer form. With the cooler weather finally, well kinda, here and the holiday mood not far out we created this mulled beer.

Mulled wine was traditionally made to reduce waste from bad wine or wine made from lesser ingredients. Well… we are not about to start with a bad beer, we just want to experience what it would taste like when properly blended with beer. Thus a lighter ale was our go to style to really let the spices shine. We added our spice blend and have been letting it sit for the past month to allow the flavors to meld with the beer.

The name comes from Charles Dickens novel “A Christmas Carol” where he named a version of his mulled wine Smoking Bishop.

The Smoking Bishop will be released on Friday.

This Weeks Events

Food Trucks:
Friday: Jaycobs Delicious Fishes and Other Dishes
Saturday: KDubs Pit Smoked BBQ

Friday December 6th – Splendiferous

Live Music by Splendiferous starting at 7pm

Smoking Bishop new beer release.

Kombucha Class

Saturday December 7th – Booch Basics @12-2pm

Come learn the ancient art of Kombucha brewing from Corpus Christi’s only Kombucha Queen. Class will include a hands on demonstration of brewing techniques, a free flight of various Kombucha flavors, and a take home brewing kit complete with SCOBY.

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Painting and Pints

Sunday December 8th – Painting and Pints

The talented Kaleigh Glover will be leading the class.

We will be painting this image of a beautiful beach scene with a heron silhouette!

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Enjoy your lazy time. #FeelingLazy