Hurricane Harvey Assistance in Port Aransas

Calling all Lazy Beachers!

We are heading out to Port Aransas on Thursday (Tomorrow) morning to help with cleanup and are asking for anyone who wants to help to come join us.

Date: Thursday 8/31.
Time: 8 am-??
Meetup Location:  Lazy Beach Brewing

We will meetup, discuss the plan and area to meet in port a. Then condense vehicles as much as possible and head out.

Come dressed to work!

If you have applicable tools please bring them. Chainsaw (gas/battery powered) wheelbarrows, shovels, gloves, trash bags, etc. If it applies to general house/yard/fence cleanup then it could be useful.

Don’t forget water and snacks, its going to be hot.

At the beginning of the day we will be focusing on helping residents remove debris from their yards and houses. (For example one house has inches of mud all throughout the house due to flooding)

We have a small list of residences that reached out to us asking for help, after those there is a staging area with a much larger list of people needing assistance in a variety of ways.

If you have something to donate bring it by the brewery tomorrow, if your a corporate type who wants to help reach out to us. 


  1. Q. Can I bring my 10+yr old. A. If they will help, then yes. Please don’t bring your toddler.
  2. Q. I cannot help until 10am. A. Give us a call at 361.693.5347(KEGS) and meet us there.
  3. Q. I cannot help until XX Day. A. Friday: Lorelei Brewing is leading a trip out. Meet at 9am at their brewery. If you have a group heading out Saturday or beyond please let me know so I can add it here.

Thanks Everyone!