Taproom: 10/17 – Two Live Bands, 4 New Beers – 500 Days of Brewing

The awesome individuals over at Bent Johnsons String Band brought to our attention that “October 17th marks Lazy Beach Brewing’s 498th day of brewing beer. We rounded up to 500 for an excuse to drink local beer! ” As they put it.

To help Celebrate, The Bent Johnsons String Band as well as The Independent Theives will be playing some live jams from 5pm on.

The Mixed Grill will be at the brewery from 3-8pm serving up some delicious grub!

We also have 2 new beers and 2 returning.

Carmelized Milk Stout
For this one we took an old Milk Stout recipe we had from our homebrewing days and spiced it up with a generous amount of carmalized sugar that we made while the grains were mashing.

Irish Brown
This brown has a slightly sweet malty flavor with an intense irish almost belgian yeast aroma.

Corpus Christi
Back again in it’s 4th version, the votes came in very split with only a slight majority voting to making it more hoppy. So instead of upping the bitterness we decided to add a small amount of dry hops to increase the hop aroma without increasing the bitterness.

El Presidente Pecan
This one is back at the request David Mathews. How can we not listen to him when he has helped us so much? A few weeks back it was known as the pecan porter. This time around we thickened it up a little into more of the stout flavor territory.

Our Tap line up for Saturday:
1. Session IPA
2. **Pumpkin
3. Blonde
4. Kook
5. Beach in wHeat
6. Belgian Blonde
7. Corpus Christi
8. Irish Brown
9. El Presidente Pecan
10. Carmelized Milk Stout

Bring a friend, relax, enjoy some live music and try some new beers!

**You may notice the Texas Bock is missing this week… Sad day, we failed. It will be back soon