Taproom 12/8-10 Lime Chipotle Session IPA

Ah! Cold! Where is the Sun?

This Weeks New Beer:
Lime Chipotle Session IPA
A fun twist on our Session IPA. Lime zest gives a neat aroma to complement the hops and the Chipotle gives a slight but smooth finish to the beer.
50IBU, 6SRM 4.5% ABV

Upcoming Events:
Saturday: December Acro and Ale 1-3pm
Tuesday: Star Wars Night 5-10pm
Saturday Jan 14th: Sushi Class 1-3pm

Taproom is open:
Thursday: 5-9pm (25% off growler fills!)
Friday: 5-11pm
Saturday 3-11pm

The food trucks for the weekend are:
Thursday: None
Friday: Miseenplace Mobilecafe
Saturday: The MIX Grill

Our Tap line up to start off this Weekend:
1. Session IPA
2. Beach in Wheat
3. Blonde
4. Texas Bock
5. Double Texas Bock
6. Diwali
7. Isle of Sark Belgian Dubbel (Brewed with Black Monk Tavern)
8. Reindeer Droppings
9. Corpus Christi v10
10. Lime Chipotle Session IPA