Taproom 3/18-19 Hermits Lair, English Bitter

Happy St. Patricks Day!
Our new Beers for this weekend:
Hermits Lair
We released this beer on our taprooms grand opening back in June and decided it was time to make it again. We decided to make a couple changes and this porter came out even better than last time. Roasted Barley, Dark Chocolate, Subtle Coffee, Molasses, are just a few of the flavors in this malty delicious porter. 30 IBU, 4.9% ABV
English Bitter
Also known as an English Pale Ale, this beer is copper in color with an excellent lite bready malt flavor followed by a classic English earthy hop flavor. Very similar to a popular English pale ale with a slightly sweeter malt flavor. 30% IBU, 4.8 ABV
Black and Tan
You might have noticed this week we have an English bitter and last week we had an Irish stout. What a coincidence, we brewed these two beers to be similar to two very popular beers commonly blended together in a black and tan. The new flavor starts out with a slight hop forward flavor from the english bitter as it begins to transition into a dark chocolate finish from the irish stout.
The taproom is open
Friday 5-10pm
Saturday 1-9pm
The food trucks for the weekend are:
Friday: TacoBar Street
Saturday: The MIX Grill
We now carry wine! We will post a full listing of the selection in the near future.
Our Tap line up to start off this Friday and Saturday:
1. Session IPA
2. Beach in wHeat
3. Blonde
4. Texas Bock
5. English Bitter
6. Hermits Lair
7. Irish Stout
8. Corpus Christi v5
9. Raptor Eye
10. Kombucha
Growler fills of the Session IPA, Beach in wHeat, Blonde, Texas Bock and Kombucha are available!
See you this weekend!