Taproom 3/9-11 Tanks-A-Lot

Happy Brewery Expanding Day!

This weeks new beers:

We would not be expanding if it wasn’t for all of your support! Thank you all so much! To celebrate we made one beast of an easy drinking beer. Roastyness up front is followed by a smooth transition to a slightly sweet finish. I would not have ever guessed this beer had an ABV of 10.5% if it weren’t for my head spinning after two.

Upcoming Events:
April 22: CC Brewery Festival! more details to very come.

Thursday: 5-9pm (25% off growler fills!)
Friday: 5-11pm
Saturday 3-11pm

Food Trucks:
Thursday: Iron Piñata
Friday: The MIX Grill
Saturday: Miseenplace Mobilecafe

Our Tap line up to start off this Weekend:
1. Session IPA
2. Beach in Wheat
3. Blonde
4. Texas Bock
5. Corpus Christi v11
6. Kombucha – Apple Rubarb (Followed by Orange Cranberry)
7. Hermits Lair
8. Smash Pekko
9. Tanks-A-Lot
10. cHoppy Waters

On Deck (aka we need more taps!):
1. Jetty Rock
2. 1799 Stout