Taproom 5-20/21 – Beach in Wheat with Orange

Our new beer this week:
Beach in Wheat with Orange
The beach in wheat goes so well with different fruits. In the past we have tried blueberries and also pineapple, both of which were great. This time it is time to give the orange a chance. What a success! It gives a great tasting orange sweetness to an already very enjoyable beer.
The taproom is open (despite this water boil fiasco)
Friday 5-10pm
Saturday 1-9pm
The food trucks for the weekend are:
Friday: The MIX Grill
Saturday: TacoBar Street
Growlers are available in 64oz and 32oz of Session IPA, Blonde, Beach in Wheat, Texas Bock and Kombucha.
Our Tap line up to start off this Friday and Saturday:
1. Session IPA
2. Beach in wHeat
3. Blonde
4. Texas Bock
5. Kombucha (Passionfruit)
6. Poblano Wit
7. Corpus Christi v7
8. Bayside Belgian
9. Beach in Wheat with Orange
10. Pier Pressure Pecan
Starting in June our hours are changing!
Fridays 5-11pm and Saturdays 3-11pm!
See you this weekend!