Taproom: Clint’s Little Rico Saison and Roggen Beer

We have two new beers this week. the Roggen Beer and our second homebrew collaboration of Clint’s Little Rico Saison by homebrewer Clinton Schena. RIP Little Rico

We also filled all 10 taps for the first time since the one year grand opening!

The Roggen Beer is a German style Rye Beer. Very close to a dunkelwiesen, instead of it being an mostly wheat beer it is made with mostly rye. Thus giving it more of a spicy character.

The Corpus Christi beer is still on! Every time you try this beer tell us how you think it should be improved! In a couple weeks when it is all gone we will make another batch based on what you all said, slowly changing it to be the favorite beer of Corpus Christi. It’s current version is close to a slightly hoppy amber or brown ale.

The Tap Lineup for this weekend!

  1. Session IPA
  2. Texas Bock
  3. Blonde
  4. Ginger
  5. Beach in wHeat
  6. Belgian Blonde
  7. Corpus Christi
  8. Belgian Watermelon
  9. Roggen
  10. Clint’s Little Rico Saison

NO food truck this week but feel free to bring in whatever food you want to enjoy, or your own BBQ pit. There are lots of local places that will deliver too!

If you are interested in having your homebrew made for the taproom, let us know!

#letshaveabeer  #ccbeer