TTB License

The TTB application is the main federal permit a brewery needs in order to open.

They seemed to ask everything! They asked if we had committed any felony multiple times in different wording, they asked for height, weight, hair color, eye color, fathers name, mothers maiden name, everywhere you have lived and worked in the last 5 years. They wanted 4 references (Edit: 2014/05/14 they did not call any of them) and everything else I could think of.

A seemingly request was for a bank reference. I don’t know anyone at the bank. I talk to someone different every time. How are they going to be “able to speak to my character and business responsibility”. I could understand them asking this a few years from now once the company has been dealing with the same banker for a while. But for now they should reword it to say. Do you have money to pay taxes, and will you pay those taxes?

On the plus side both times that I called the support number, the wait was under a minute and the person who answered was extremely knowledgeable.

All in all It ended up taking us about 3-4 hours over a couple of days to get everything needed and submit the form.

Edit: We got an email saying it was incomplete because the bond check had not arrived in the mail yet. They work faster than USPS it seems.