Government Shutdown and Walk in Coolers

Due to the government shutdown we are not able to file for our brewers permit. So we are paying rent and waiting for this insanity to end. When will it end?!

Walk in Coolers

The good news is we found a walk in cooler at a price we can afford. I had been watching craigslist for a couple months and we had looked at a few that were in terrible shape before finding these. We ended up purchasing two 6’x8′ units, one freezer, one cooler.

We will use once of these coolers as a cold storage for cold crashing the fermenters and storing/carbonating kegs. The other will be our fermentation room.

Thanks so much to the great people ( Anthony, Britton, Scott, Dave, Matt, and Paul ) who spend many hours helping us dissemble and move these units. I wish I would have gotten a picture of everyone but we forgot to. Here are a few we did take though.

Scott was very happy when that first wall came down.
Anthony and Jess taking apart the freezer
We could not have done it without Grandpa Paul