Location, Location, Location

We finally got a location!

This was by far was the hardest part of the journey so far.

Our Original Plan

Originally we found a location where the owner did not use the entire warehouse so we were going to section off a part for us to use from the existing warehouse. We thought it would be easy to put up a wall and legally make it a separate entity.

That would be too easy.

There was a huge list of items we would have to change, not just to the sectioned off area, but to the entire building. Did you know the city of Corpus Christi requires a working heater? Not a working air conditioner, a heater. In our area people die from the heat, not cold! I do not think my heater even ran last winter, who writes these laws?

Location Requirements

A brewery cannot be located within 300 feet of a church, school, or hospital. Since we were looking for a small warehouse we never thought this would be much of a problem. We were wrong. There are churches hidden everywhere!


We put down the deposit and are all set to move in on Oct. 1, 2013.

We will be located at 3901 WOW #1 Corpus Christi, Texas 78413.