Truck Load of Kegs


Today we picked up a truck load of kegs (plus 1 in the cab). 50 sixtels to be exact.

We found the kegs listed for sale on from the nice people at Brazos Valley Brewery. Most items ship from Oregon or Colorado thus being located in south Texas can make shipping expensive.  Finding something more local is great.

As luck would have it Jess and I were going to be in Austin for the weekend anyway. So we went by and picked up the kegs on the way back home. It proved to be a longer, more interesting drive back home. A drive that would normally take 3.5 hours turned into a 5 hour drive. We had to stop multiple times to move the top row of kegs back and forth to prevent them from falling off.

They all made it, without incident and we now have a small supply of kegs to get us started, at a much better price.