Taproom 12/29-31 Champagne Beer and Hermits Lair

Happy New Beers!
We will be closing at 7pm this Saturday for New Years Eve. Why?! Because what proper new years party ends at midnight? Sadly we cannot stay open past midnight.
Anywho, a pair of new beers to ring in the new year!
Champagne Beer
So light and so crisp. We brewed the lightest beer we have made yet and once it was done fermenting we decided to dry it out even more with Champagne yeast to give it a very crisp finish. 2SRM 20IBU 4.4% ABV
Hermits Lair
You might remember this one from many moons ago. This malt forward porter has lots of that great toasty, malty, bready chocolaty flavor with coffee and… other word(y) food related descriptors. Not quite thick enough to count as dinner, but maybe an appetizer. Keep you eyes open for this one at many of the places serving our beers! https://lazybeachbrewing.com/locations 40 SRM 31 IBU 4.5% ABV
Upcoming Events:
Saturday Jan 14th: Sushi Class 1-3pm
Taproom is open:
Thursday: 5-9pm (25% off growler fills!)
Friday: 5-11pm
Saturday 3-7pm Closed early for New Years!
Food Trucks:
Thursday: None
Friday: D’Lish Foods
Saturday Iron Piñata
Our Tap line up to start off this Weekend:
1. Session IPA
2. Beach in Wheat
3. Blonde
4. Texas Bock
5. Hermits Lair
6. Texas Bock with Irish Coffee Followed by Sour Cherry
7. Emperial Black IPA
8. Kombucha (Apple Rubarb) Followed by Isle of Sark
9. Champagne Beer
10. Corpus Christi v10
If we don’t see you this weekend have a great and safe new years!