TTB Approval

Federal approval through the TTB was approved on January 14 which took a total of 3 days shy of 3 months to be accepted.

A few hiccups along the way but nothing major.

We took the lease out in our personal name and did not have the brewery name anywhere. They made us add the brewery name as well as stating that the building would be used as a brewery. While a simple request it added almost a week to the process because as we had to get the landlord involved.

We also did not provide enough details about our equipment and process. It was written to make it as vague as possible so that we did not accidentally put anything that would slow the process such as poor word choice or other annoyances, but it appears that it was a bit too vague.

Overall it was a pretty painless process, and maybe it was because we are so small with the only owners being husband and wife. Some of the stories that I had read online made it seem a lot more scary than it actually was.

On to the City and State!